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Deo Volante
Crown Road, Buxton
Norfolk, NR10 5EH

Telephone: 01603 279564

About Adecs

Adecs was founded in the new millennium to provide services to local businesses. Having extensive experience to draw upon, we offer a wide range of project management and software development services, covering any aspect of the project lifecycle.

The managing director, Albert Day has had 25 years experience in Software industry covering all aspects of Development and Project Management and has created a small company of associated consultants.

ADECS can call on these specialists to form a unique team to offer a consultancy, or software solution tailored to your requirements as a customer. Quite often working with an off the shelf product isn't the most efficient way for your company to operate. Software written around the way you work can often provide efficiency increases at a very affordable rate over time.

Everything from academic principles, building an infrastructure, to creating websites and software to suit your company, we can assist and support you. Please feel free to contact us for a conversation about your requirements, and see what we are able to do to help your business.

Whilst Microsoft® focused with our chosen development platform for websites being based on Microsoft® ASP.NET, we have the means and experience to help you with some other technologies as well.

Microsoft WebsiteSpark Partner

We are Microsoft® WebsiteSpark™ programme partners, and believe we provide high quality agile development that provides quality, secure and durable ASP.NET products that require little maintenance, and provide a cost effective Total Cost of Ownership.

Adecs Company Ethics

We understand that our customers may not have the same knowledge of some products that we use to deliver our services, but we try to communicate our advice in plain English wherever necessary, to try to effectively bridge the knowlegde we hold regarding technology.

We are also an ethical company with strong beliefs in ethical business practices. All time spent on work is logged down to the nearest minute, so we can always give our customers an accurate summary of time spent on their projects.

Microsoft WebsiteSpark

Customer testimonials...

Top People!

To be honest, before I met Adecs I was one of the crowd that thought “BAH! Computers! What do I need them for?”

It wasn’t until I saw how a website changed our team’s means of communication, and the ease at which we could spread both our knowledge, and other information we felt was important to those interested in our sport that I really started to change my mind.

These days one of the guys at Adecs constantly ribs me that he thinks I have a problem, because I can’t go very many days without access to the Internet!

They have completely helped to change my view of our sport, the world and what can be achieved through good use of a computer system and website.

Les Harris – Les Harris Drag Racing Team

The Developers Group logoThe Developers Group

We are also members and contributors to a technical user group, where you will sometimes see some of our members giving presentations.

The Developers Group

Their website also contains information about the group, downloads of slides and examples from past presentations.