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Deo Volante
Crown Road, Buxton
Norfolk, NR10 5EH

Telephone: 01603 279581

Contacting ADECS

Feel free to contact us anytime with your questions. We are happy to provide you a few options by which you can contact us, please use the method that most suits you.

Our Postal address for your letters

13 The Oaks
Ashill, Thetford
Norfolk, IP25 7AN

Our Telephone number for your calls

Telephone: 01603 279581

Contacting us electronically

If you could kindly provide your Name, an Email Address and confirm it to ensure there are no typing errors, and a Message for us we will happily respond as soon as we are able.

If you would like us to contact you back, it might be an worth including your preferred means of contact, beit a telephone number, postal address or some other method.

Rest assured, your contact details will never be passed on to any third-party organisations.

ADECS testimonials...

Top People!

To be honest, before I met Adecs I was one of the crowd that thought “BAH! Computers! What do I need them for?”

It wasn’t until I saw how a website changed our team’s means of communication, and the ease at which we could spread both our knowledge, and other information we felt was important to those interested in our sport that I really started to change my mind.

These days one of the guys at Adecs constantly ribs me that he thinks I have a problem, because I can’t go very many days without access to the Internet!

They have completely helped to change my view of our sport, the world and what can be achieved through good use of a computer system and website.

Les Harris – Les Harris Drag Racing Team

Our Website Experiences

At first we weren’t sure how the Internet would affect us. Our adverts in trade magazines had always been a successful driving factor with our business, in compliment with our commitment to customer service and maintaining a good reputation.

Through one of our staff we were introduced to Adecs, and after some discussions of our ideas, we used their experience as our guide and adopted a relatively simple approach at first to see how things went, mirroring our magazine adverts.

About three months after its release was our first December since the website launch, and the number of motorcycles we sold was three times more then the previous year!

We have been with Adecs since the start, and they have taken care of the technical things leaving us to concentrate on our speciality.

Michael & Steve Weatherley – Weatherley's Motorcycles