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Deo Volante
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Norfolk, NR10 5EH

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Website & Software Development

Development Services

So why should we have software written?

Quite often working with an off the shelf product isn't the most efficient way for your company to operate, either because you have to change your internal practices, or because there just isn't software around that will help the way you choose to work.

Software written around the way you work can often provide high efficiency increases at a very affordable total cost of ownership.

We are software developers

We are software developers with the knowledge and experience to analyse your problems, and provide advice or options to enable a solution suitable for your business.

We favour close a working relationship with our customers, as it benefits all parties when we know the appropriate expert user to speak with to get answers. This close relationship not only helps us provide the highest quality end result, but also allows for regular feedback regarding any recent deliveries, helping our developers correct any issues found early in the process.

Partnered with our chosen agile development approach, allows for software deliveries throughout the development process to build on each other, delivering the most beneficial functionality for the business early and incrementally building around it, allowing you to benefit through the early stages of any project.

Utilising some of the most modern techniques, we can reduce the development time of Microsoft .NET projects, specifically those which have database or data management requirements, helping enable quicker change capability to suit any changing business requirements.

We also debug existing problems

Should you be encountering issues with a custom piece of software, we may also be able to help you by debugging the root cause of your issues, and suggesting fixes.

A number of our customers run legacy systems, based on older technologies and require the occasional piece of help to debug and fix any problems they experience.

Validating Developments

While developing your software, if it is a website you will be able to see it in a secure password protected environment, and provide us important feedback as we go, further helping us to ensure the end result is something you are happy with.

Microsoft WebsiteSpark

Microsoft WebsiteSpark

Adecs are members of the Microsoft® WebsiteSpark™ programme, whose aim is to provide a focus on ensuring high quality software is delivered to customers based on Microsoft® technologies and platforms.

As such we are experienced with the Microsoft .NET platform, specifically ASP.NET, and running websites on Microsoft based servers with a very high focus on secure, reliable and low maintenance Total Cost of Ownership.

All things together can result in a high quality solution that can be an effective base upon which to base many years of your future internet webserver operations and growth.

Discuss your requirements

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Need help understanding some terms or definitions? Click here

Web Platform Technologies

This general term is often used to refer to a wide variety of technological approaches to problems faced by Internet embracing companies.

Among many others, it is often used to refer to technologies such as, but not limited to:

Software Development Methodologies

Like any industry, there are varying and different approaches to managing the development work involved with software projects.

Whilst not a comprehensive source of information, Wikipedia does have articles that cover a wide varity of topics, including articles discussing many of these approaches. We have provided links to a few of these articles below, should you find yourself needing to know a little more on the subject.