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Deo Volante
Crown Road, Buxton
Norfolk, NR10 5EH

Telephone: 01603 279564

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Top People!

To be honest, before I met Adecs I was one of the crowd that thought “BAH! Computers! What do I need them for?”

It wasn’t until I saw how a website changed our team’s means of communication, and the ease at which we could spread both our knowledge, and other information we felt was important to those interested in our sport that I really started to change my mind.

These days one of the guys at Adecs constantly ribs me that he thinks I have a problem, because I can’t go very many days without access to the Internet!

They have completely helped to change my view of our sport, the world and what can be achieved through good use of a computer system and website.

Les Harris – Les Harris Drag Racing Team

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Featured Project

Weatherley's Motorcycles

Weatherley's Motorcycles

Adecs have helped Weatherley's Motorcycles get on to the Internet, providing them with a website showing their stock, live as they update it.

Weatherley's are a family run used motorcycle dealer that have years of experience with motorcycles, and are based in the Norfolk countryside.

Only a few months after the websites delivery Weatherley’s Motorcycles reported a tripling of their December sales for that year! We think this has been a huge contributor to their continued success, even through the difficult recent years.

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Latest News

Hanworth Timber Company Website Project

Dated: 15 March 2010

Hanworth Timber Company is a well established business with a long family history of working in the timber trade, having been in business over 34 years.

We have worked with them to plan a phased approach to implementing a website and integrating it with their normal day to day business.

Phase one is now complete and they are currently establishing an online catalogue of their products.

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